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Ahhhh it’s happening I signed up for a 5K and IT’S FOR BOOKS.


I very much wish there were a quarry nearby we could all go swimming in.

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I’m doing a little giveaway and its all about the ladies!

I’ll be giving away

  • a t-shirt in your choice of Crush the Patriarchy, Cats Against Cat Calls or Riots Not Diets print (all of which go up to at least a size 2xl)
  • your choice of five buttons from Modern Girl Blitz
  • your choice of jewellery from AddieLeDawn
  • friendship bracelet made in the colours of your choice made by yours truly
  • "kandi bracelets" or whatever the fuck you want to call them with whatever colour scheme and words you want
  • and best of all CANDYYY. who doesnt love candy, cmon.

And now the fun part, the RULES.

  • you don’t have to follow me but if you are, then you’ll get something extra
  • only reblogs count and you may reblog as many times as you want but please be mindful of your followers
  • obviously giveaway blogs dont count (do ppl even need to say this anymore??)

The winner will be randomly selected on April 30th and I’m willing to ship worldwide. I think that’s it. Have fun and crush the patriarchy!!

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-participated in an online meeting with someone on a professional organization committee

-ordered jimmy johns online

-started participating in an online class about digital preservation

Good lord, the internet is an amazing place. 



Oh GOD, what if Laura Prepon is leaving Orange is the New Black this season because her beau, Tom Cruise, (rumored) is making her?????


Everything about that question is terrible!

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Haappy National Haiku Day From The Chicago Public Library!

In honor of National Haiku Day, we thought we’d get in on the fun with some 5-7-5 action about Chicago:

Spring around the bend.

What did Tom Skilling just say?!

Malort down the hatch.

Re-blog with your best Chicago Haikus! 

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Ancient Puppy Paw Prints Found on Roman Tiles



The paw prints and hoof prints of a few meddlesome animals have been preserved for posterity on ancient Roman tiles recently discovered by archeologists in England.

"They are beautiful finds, as they represent a snapshot, a single moment in history," said Nick Daffern, a senior project…

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It may seem like a stretch
But it’s thoughts like this that catch my troubled head
When you’re away and I am missing you to death.

ah I did not know about this which perfectly marries my (slightly) misguided adolescent loves of garden state and ska.

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Second dates (or whatever this is) are so much more difficult for me. Anybody else experience that?

I can make initial small talk until the cows come home, but a sustained conversation over a period of several days? Plus I know what the cultural norms are for a first date - seconds dates just leave me super confused. 

That said, I really hope I get a second date with the Ron Swanson clone I went out with last night. Even if I am a librarian and it would never work :( :(

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